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Greetings from Rain City!
Home of Starbucks, Microsoft, Boeing, Nordstrom, Amazon.com, XBox, Eddie Bauer, Ichiro, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, "Louie, Louie", Pearl Jam, Bruce Lee, Costco, high-tech culture, Puget Sound, Mt. St Helens, ferries, forests, mountains, Christmas trees, a whole mess of soccer fanatics, and, yes— lots of soggy weather!
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After 28 years of tropical Hawaiian weather and laid-back island lifestyle, the decision to select Seattle as our new and future home in 1991 seemed nothing short of madness. Sensing my trepidation, my childhood pal and long-time Seatteite, Sharon (McCarthy) Ramey suggested, "The only way you're going to know for sure if Seattle climate is going to be major obstacle for you, is to come visit us when the weather is at its worst."
Sounds reasonable enough. Now, let me see...just which of those 365 soggy, rain-soaked, cloud-filled days per annum are considered to be the worst?!
December 26th seemed like the perfect day to travel. Day after Christmas? No crowds. No traffic. Hey...WAIT A MINUTE! We're talkin' circa 1990, here. Wasn't that during the most paralyzing Seattle snow storm in 30 years? —You bet it was! Talk about your made-to-order, worst-case scenario! It was The Perfect Storm ! Needless to say, I fell in love with Seattle instantly, 30-year blizzard and all!
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I remember my island home on Windward Oahu in Kailua and Kaneohe with fondness. Sometimes, I even pine for the slower-paced lifestyle I left behind. But, I have no regrets about leaving for the pulsing, coffee-driven, "wired" lifestyle of this rain-drenched city, Seattle.
I see it as an even swap– tropical paradise for "tech" paradise, but still paradise, nonetheless. Perhaps I'm too blinded by the excitement and electricity of the culture to see any inequity in the exchange. Sure it rains here...a lot. So what! Quite frankly? I never see it. After all...it NEVER rains on the internet. ; )

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