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Ignite Hosting Banner

Hosting Banner

Hero Network Banner Ads


Design Comps for site redesign pitch.

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  Kiss A Pig

There was more than a bit of fun here, as the objective was to pledge five bucks and name the employee you wanted to kiss a live piglet. The ulterior motive, of course, was to recruit the bank president for her pucker power on the little squealer. Not one to disappoint, she did indeed plant a big one on the drooling lips of the little porker!

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Cascade Bank New Online Services Campaign
New Business Services Integrated Campaign


Free Gift Incentive Campaign Ad
Free checking account sign-up ad

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 Brand Visibility Campaign Promotional Products Design
Orlando Tradeshow Button Giveaway
Promotional Buttons for Tradeshow Distribution

Client T-Shirt Giveaway
Tradeshow Hospitality Suite "I Think, Therefore I Collocate" T-Shirt Giveaway

Corporate Postage Stamp for Outgoing Mail

Will wonders ever seize? A custom-designed corporate postage stamp! FOR REAL! Thanks to Zazzle.com, for making it possible.

 Orlando Tradeshow Sponsorship Branding Campaign

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Ten Years of Service Anniversary Campaign Branding

10 Years of Service Logo
10-Year Anniversary Logo

10 Years of Service Banner Final
10 Years of Service Banner Final

10 Years of Service Banner Early Comp
10 Years of Service Banner Early Sketch

10 Years of Service Banner Cake

If someone had predicted that, after almost a decade as an interactive designer, I'd be designing edible art for confectionary products, I'd have had an uncontrollable LOL moment. But, here it is. By far, the strangest product I've ever branded.

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Home page Promotional eAds


Various web site icons

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 Final redesign comp for Web Map Systems Pre-loader banner ad

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Final Corporate ID Selection

Corporate ID Sketches and Earlier Versions


PDA-Friendly Version of the Web Site

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PDA-Friendly Version of the Web Site

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Internal Contest - Contract Specialists Incentive Campaign

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Landing Page Promotional Banners

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Email Newsletter Blast
Redesigned Quarterly Email Newsletter Blast

     DADS Logo
Pro Bono Logo redesign comps